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Texas-Baylor: Longhorns Look Lost as Bears Complete Season Sweep

March 7, 2010

I may not have watched as many Texas Basketball games as I would have liked this season, but after watching a good chunk of Saturday’s game, I don’t really feel like I missed anything.
When I first turned the game on it was early, and the score was still close. Both teams were going back and forth making some shots, and getting some stops on defense. However, there was one major difference between Texas and Baylor.
Baylor wasn’t giving the ball away.
It seemed like every other possession Texas would just toss the ball to a Baylor player, or lose it out of bounds. I can’t remember the last time I saw a team that looked that confused on offense. They couldn’t put anything together.
The whole team just stood there waiting for someone else to make a move, or hoping that someone else would do the work, or something like that. I got as confused watching it as they looked on the court. I have seen high school teams run a better offense.
What was even worse for Texas was that they looked just as confused on defense. They were all just standing around and there was no help from the backside, or any side for that matter. Baylor pretty much had their way with them, and only didn’t score when they missed their shots because not all of your shots will go in.
It really was astonishing for me to watch this team play. I watched a couple of games earlier in the season, and they looked pretty good as evidenced by starting the season 17-0 and earning a number one ranking.
What a difference two months makes.
Now they are unranked, and after watching the game today I don’t know how you could give them anything higher than a 9-10 seed. Say what you want about potential and athletic ability, but this team just plain and simple does not get it done on the court.
They don’t even seem to care. When Dexter Pittman was pulled in the first half with foul trouble he didn’t seem to care, and even appeared to be laughing a little. Maybe there is a reason no one is talking about him anymore.
This is a guy that was getting tons of attention for his play early in the year. Then they were wondering why he was struggling so much. Now it appears he was just incredibly overhyped, and not even worth the print, or pixels, to write his name.
This team had no identity to start the season, and has only gotten more confused as the season goes on. The players all just stand around, and no one wants to take the lead and make things happen. If you ask me, most of the blame comes back to one person:
Rick Barnes
It is the coach’s job to inspire their players to excel. A good coach is a master motivator, a guy that gets the most out of all of his players, a man that goes out and finds a bunch of individuals and somehow brings them together into a single cohesive unit.
Unfortunately Coach Barnes appears completely lost as to what to do with his team. He has had success in the past, but after a full season of a team without a Kevin Durant, A.J. Abrams, or D.J. Augustin it appears that he has mostly been the benefit of excellent talent and leadership on the court.
I have said it before a million times, when a team in inconsistent there is a problem with the coaching staff. Whether it is the staff itself, or simply their system, the flaw of inconsistency almost always is a result of the coaches, and ultimately the head coach.
Even a good coach reaches a point in their career when it is time to move on because they just aren’t successful anymore (Bobby Bowden comes to mind), and that seems to be the case with Coach Barnes. Thanks for the good years, but it is time to go a different direction.

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