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Jimmer Fredette of BYU Shuts Tre’Von Willis Up and UNLV Down

February 6, 2011

If we don’t learn from our mistakes we are bound to repeat them. 

This is a phrase that is oft-repeated, and just often not lived.  It is also a phrase that Tre’Von Willis should learn from.

Earlier this season Willis bad mouthed Jimmer saying that he had to come into the Thomas and Mack and win before he could be deemed the best.  Jimmer responded by lighting up the Rebels and running away with a big win.

For the second time this season Willis decided to talk trash about Jimmer Fredette, and for the second time Jimmer let his actions speak for themselves. 

Before the game on Saturday, Willis was quoted as saying that Jimmer,  “doesn’t want to pass the ball. He wants to shoot the ball every single time.” 

Jimmer responded by dishing 7 assists to his teammates leading to three other players scoring in double figures.  Oh and by the way he still had 29 points which is a little better than his season average. 

Jimmer claimed after the game that he had not seen the comments from Willis, and while I may be willing to believe he didn’t read them himself his actions late in the game make it hard to believe he had no knowledge of them. 

In the closing minute of the game Jimmer took Willis to the hole and then stared him down.

Normally, I am not a fan of that type of stuff but when someone has talked trash about you twice, and you have backed it up both times with your play, and not words, a little intimidating stare is well within reason.

I seriously doubt that Willis has learned his lesson, and should they meet again in the MWC tournament I am sure he will have some other unwise remark to make. 

Unfortunately for him, and anyone who faces BYU the rest of this season, Jimmer Fredette finds a way to respond to the critics.  On top of that, BYU got some excellent support off the bench with 1o points from Charles Abouo, and 12 from Stephen Rogers. 

This team continues to improve, which is exactly what you want your team to be doing this time of year.  They are putting themselves in perfect position to succeed in the tournament, and make this season even more memorable.

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