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Brandon Davies Still the Story as BYU Prepares for MWC Tournament

March 8, 2011

Brandon Davies will need determination to overcome his poor choice.

Who would have thought that a kid from Provo would garner national attention for a second week in a row?  If you said his name was Jimmer Fredette then almost no one would be surprised this year.

However, this Cougar’s name is Brandon Davies.

While I seriously doubt this is the kind of attention that Davies would like to garner as his team prepares for the closing weeks of the most successful season in team history, he is definitely getting his fair share of support.

There have been some ridiculous comments from people who have no idea what they are talking about, like Amare Stoudemire who tried to make it a race issue, but there have been some others who truly support Davies and the school’s decision.

The most important support is coming from people who were athletes at BYU, specifically those who went through similar situations. 

Reno Mahe was a successful football player at BYU who was also suspended for a year before returning and being named to the All-MWC first team on two occasions.  He went on to be a quality special teams player for the Eagles. 

Mekeli Wesley recovered from a suspension to be a BYU great.

Mekeli Wesley also missed a year of school at BYU before returning and being named the MWC player of the year.  Like Davies he prepped at Provo High School, and has taken a personal interest in this matter.

So what does all of this have to do with BYU and the immediate future?


At this moment, what really matters is taking care of a young man who made a bad choice.  You can argue whether the actions themselves were right or wrong, but there is no arguing that Davies not keeping his word is wrong.

I have no doubt that Davies is an upstanding young man that has a bright future whatever he decides to do, but I hope that he takes some good from this situation to help his team in the future.

There is no doubt that BYU would have benefited from Davies’ abilities in the upcoming MWC tournament, but I would also venture to guess that not a single guy on the team would not have Davies’ back in a second.

This is exactly the kind of situation that could bring this team together and push them over the top.  It is in our moments of greatest difficulty that we find out exactly how strong we are, and how much we can accomplish. 

I really hope that the Cougars continue to support Davies like they did by having him on the bench, letting him cut down part of the net, and getting a standing ovation from the fans. 

This has already been a historic season, and it is only going to get better.

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