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Notre Dame Considering Platooning Their Quarterbacks Next Season: Bad Idea!

April 14, 2011

I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of Notre Dame and never really have been, at least not since I have been old enough to really assign my fandom.

Despite my sincere love of Rudy and the Knute Rockne story I just can’t find any love for the school as it is currently structured.  Lou Holtz was a great coach and I have great memories of his time leading the golden domers, but that was a long time ago.

As further evidence of the completely jacked up status of Notre Dame football, they are still unwilling to name a starter and according to coach Brian Kelly they will likely use multiple quarterbacks this season.

Now if there is a college football fan at any level, anywhere in the country that thinks this is a good idea please let the other 99.9% of us know and I am sure each and every one of us can give you an example or two of why this is a bad idea.

As your new partners in independence, we BYU fans would be happy to share our experience from last year so that you will not suffer through the misery that we did early last season.

BYU spent all of spring and fall last year trying to decide on a quarterback to no avail.  Then the BYU staff had the brilliant (insert extreme sarcasm here) idea to have their two quarterbacks platoon for awhile until someone earned the starting job.

It appeared not to be a terrible idea as BYU won their first game and didn’t look too bad, though it should be noted that Washington was nothing special last season.  This lulled the coaches into a false sense of security that would prove to be their demise during the first half of the season.

After that first win BYU went on to lose five of their next six games.  The lone victory was a thriller against San Diego St. and honestly I am not sure how they won.

Fortunately for the team, and unfortunately for him, Riley Nelson got injured in the third game.  The reason BYU was fortunate is that the injury forced their hand.

There really was no decision for them to make, but they now had only one quarterback.  That means one person taking the reps with the first team offense, and one style for the rest of the team to get used to.

The results were not immediate as BYU lost 3 of their next four games, but the value proved huge after that.

After getting totally embarrassed by TCU, BYU went on to win five of their next six games, and the one loss easily could have been one, but that is a different debate.

BYU now has a defined number one starter and the prospects are looking bright.  There is reasonable hope that BYU could get back to double digit wins and really surprise some people.

So to all of the faithful Notre Dame fans out there, I would strongly encourage you to use phones, emails, letters, or even posters to get Brian Kelly to make a decision.

No good will come of the indecision, and your misery will only be deepened.

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