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BYU Basketball: Josh Sharp the True Unsung Hero This Season

January 6, 2013

Josh SharpSports are such a funny thing.  Especially in this day of social media and constant coverage.  Athletes can go from relative anonymity to national stardom courtesy of YouTube and Twitter.  Despite the possibility of instant notoriety, or perhaps because of it, some of the hardest workers and most valuable players don’t get a lot of the credit that they should.

Such is the plight of Josh Sharp this season, though he doesn’t seem to mind the lack of credit.

To start the season all of the talk was about Brandon Davies and how exciting his senior season would be, and he lived up to the hype.  That hype was quickly joined with the hype around the stellar play of Tyler Haws who has exceeded all expectations following two years away as a missionary.

Don’t get me wrong, it was all totally warranted as both players have had great seasons to this point.  Davies has stayed out of foul trouble for the most part and provided an essential focal point for the BYU offense, as well as some impressive defensive play that often gets overlooked.  Haws effectiveness has been incredibly impressive scoring from inside, outside, and everywhere in between including putting up 42 against Virginia Tech which is the most in a game for anyone in college basketball this season.

More recently Matt Carlino has been getting a lot of credit, and once again, it is merited.  For the most part, he has played under control, focusing on actually running the offense, and not just trying to impress.  He still has moments where you question what he was thinking, but for the most part his growth has reaped quality results.

So it’s easy to see why someone who had a freshman season in which he averaged 1.2 points and 1.4 rebounds could get easily overlooked.  But, Sharp has dramatically improved his game, and is having an impact that not many would have expected.

Sharp’s stat line is definitely improved averaging 5.1 points and 5.2 rebounds per game this year, including a stellar performance against Loyola Marymount where he recorded 12 rebounds, eight of which were on the offensive end.  That is what is most impressive about his play.

He is one of those hard-working players that works for every minute that he is on the floor.  He fights and pushes for every point, every rebound, and every second chance.  The type of stuff that never shows up on a stat sheet.  The type of stuff that every coach dreams about.

Every team needs a player or two like Tyler Haws and Brandon Davies to rack up the stats and make the headlines.  They also need a Matt Carlino to run the offense and keep everything flowing.  But maybe even more important is having a handful of role players that can fill important minutes and grab important rebounds.

Extending possessions can make all the difference in the world come March, and Sharp is the kind of hard-working player that can make that happen.

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